Experiencing the Extremes

It’s getting late. The fear is starting to creep in. Perhaps it is because I was reminded today how little I understand Spanish when spoken. Perhaps it is because this time (as in… Continue reading

The Lesson of Things Lost: An Intro

My newest submission to elephantjournal went live. Inspired as I was finding creative ways to keep up my practice while traveling through Patagonia over the last three months.  The Lessons of Things Lost… Continue reading

It’s The People

So when I was younger I loved the movie Medicine Man. Granted, now when I watch it… it seems a little cheesy. But as a young gal, to me, it had everything. Adventure,… Continue reading

The Hidden Trek of El Chalten

I am somewhere in the middle. Caught between life and living. Between night and dark. Between doing and chilling. Between El Chalten and El Calafate. I am always on the same side as… Continue reading

The Nahuel Huapi Attempt

Colonia Suiza. It’s the kind of place I don’t want to tell you about. . And for a lot of you it is most likely a place you will barely pass through if… Continue reading

Getting Wild In Bariloche

The day started slowly. As I expected it to. My running partner for the day keeps a different schedule than I and I had hours of chilling out and coffee to drink, topo… Continue reading

Sleepless in Bariloche

So as we pulled out of the bus station it became one of those days I had been waiting for. In it’s own way, being in Argentina has been one of the most… Continue reading

Lifestyle inspiration from Goldilocks

Lifestyle inspiration from Goldilocks I am very excited to share a recent article I had published on elephantjournal.com. Over the last year, one thought kept creeping in… “That goldilocks story really has something… Continue reading

The Role of Competition, What’s it to You?

I feel like the talk of competitiveness comes up in our lives on an almost if not daily basis. In one way or another, our lives are motivated by factors that lead to… Continue reading

My Atlas Shrugged

I have found myself on the open road. Traveling westward in Stella, during what has been coined the “Friend Immersion Tour” of 2013. I have been friend hopping my way across the US,… Continue reading